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Agawa train travelling through the bring Algoma hills in autumn.


Passenger Trains Service is Needed in Algoma

We are the Coalition for Algoma Passenger Trains

The Coalition for Algoma Passenger Trains (CAPT) is a grassroots advocacy group which is concerned with the lack of transportation options in the Algoma District.  We are committed to reinstating the passenger train service on the Algoma Central Rail line and are also exploring the potential for a passenger train service on the Huron Central line between Sault Ste. Marie and Sudbury.

We need passenger rail services in a multi-modal transportation system throughout the Algoma region. This will allow for essential connections to the rest of Ontario.

Passenger Train Services Are Essential

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CAPT is working to get passenger train service for you

February 10, 2024

image of Carol Hughes

COLUMN: Carol Hughes on prioritizing trains and rail travel

Dedicated passenger lines would be ideal for travellers across the country, but that would require significant investment.

A lot of Canadians want a reliable, safe, and affordable mode of public transportation, but aren’t willing to gamble on a 43 per cent chance to arrive late, given VIA Rail’s 2022 on-time average. Ensuring passenger cars are given priority would help alleviate those concerns.

Read the article here

Candian National Geographic Magazine Cover with a bear on it.

In this January/February 2024, vol. 144, No.1 Canadian Geographic Magazine, is an article that is of interest to rail people called, “Reflections on the Railways”.

The article mentions the loss of the ACR passenger train to northeastern Ontario. 

The Mask-wa-Oo-ta-ban is mentioned. It describes their desire to run the passenger train from Sault Ste. Marie to Hearst. This information is on the last page of the article.

Losing track: The importance of passenger rail corridors

Since its inception, CAPT has connected with politicians at the local, provincial and federal level.  We have held in person meetings, sent postcards, petitions and letters to encourage governments, particularly the federal government to fund passenger rail service in the Algoma Region.  CAPT has also held Town Halls in communities along the ACR and Huron Central lines.

CAPT will continue to do whatever it takes to advocate efficiently and effectively to the appropriate levels of government for funding.  We will also continue to advocate locally in this region for support for passenger rail transportation for everyone.

View the Resolutions prepared by Sault Ste. Marie City Council.

CAPT has many supporters in the region and beyond.  We value and appreciate their support over the years and look forward to their continued support as we move forward.

CAPT is working closely with the Missanabie Cree First Nation and Mask-wa Transportation Inc. to assist with advocacy for the Bear Train funding.

We will confirm the support of local communities along the ACR line and work with them to achieve success.

As we have more information about the Huron Central line with regards to passenger rail service, we will determine how best to advocate for passenger rail service along that line.

Bear Train Logo.

Mask-wa Oo-ta-ban, the “Bear Train,” is an initiative of the Missanabie Cree First Nation, Mask-wa Transportation Association Inc., and communities along the Algoma passenger train rail corridor to resume essential passenger rail service. CAPT advocates for support of the Mask-wa-Oo-ta-ban initiative.

The CAPT Board is still working hard to assist the Mask-wa Transportation Association Inc. Board  in their efforts to update the Business Case. CAPT is garnering support which MTA Inc. can include in the Business Case, and all of the CAPT Board and supporters will be asked to take on more directed advocacy in the near future.

Since MTA Inc. has now received the financial projections from the consulting firm CPCS, that Board will be completing the Bear Train Business Case.  Once it is ready to take to potential funders, CAPT will need to be the ones advocating to those organizations to help them understand the importance of reinstating the passenger train service along the ACR line. 

We will keep you informed as things move forward.

Dorothy Macnaughton, Chair, CAPT

 We continue to sell CAPT T-shirts and hope to have some locations where you will be able to purchase them beginning in August.

– Dorothy Macnaughton, Chair of the CAPT Board

Do you want to see passenger rail service in Algoma?

Become a Supporter

As CAPT continues to advocate for passenger train service in the Algoma region, we need many supporters to help highlight the need for this service as a viable, important transportation option. We will be keeping you posted as to how and when you can help, so keep watching our messages from the Board and our social media posts. We will let you know specific ways in which you can take meaningful action.


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