Here are some ways you can support the movement:

Write letters to your Federal and Provincial governments, and to the editors of newspapers in your area - encourage others to do the same!
Attend a CAPT Town Hall Meeting
Take a ride on the Algoma Central Railway (ACR)
Join us at one of our events
Visit the CAPT website to keep up with developments
Join CAPT's email list to receive period updates and related information
Talk to friends, family, neighbours and co-workers about the need to preserve and enhance Algoma's passenger train services
Add a link to the CAPT website to your own website
Write us a letter in support of CAPT
Share your stories with us about why the passenger train service is important to you, your family, your community, your region
Donate Donations are always appreciated and can be sent to the following address:
Coalition for Algoma Passenger Trains
1520 Queen Street East
Sault Ste Marie, ON P6A 2G4

3 comments on “TAKE ACTION!

  1. Dave Chisholm

    Hey there, I heard about this movement and am interested in doing an interview about it. I was recently chatting with my wife and said to her we need Light Electric Rail here, to connect the sault, sudbury and NB. I know I’d use the service if it was available.
    I’ve dreamt of it for a while now and when I heard there was a group trying to bring passenger rail back to the north I was excited. I host the morning show on the Moose 99.3 in Espanola and would love to help you in anyway in promoting this great idea.

    You can contact me via e-mail dchisholm@moosefm.com or 705-869-0578.

    I look forward to chatting about this.



  2. Jill Wallace

    I am a 41 year old and ACR passenger train service has been a part of my life since I was a few months old, my family rode it to get to camp for decades and I still do. I hope to continue to use the service to get to my camp and love the idea that I could travel the rails to get to other ontario cities. Rail passenger service has my complete support because it has many advantages for people and for the environment.

  3. roger

    i know this is a regional issue,but if we could get richard branson or bombardier company interested in owning and operating commuter rail service in the gta area,it will spill over to other areas,and if these companies are making good money in the gta area,they may run trains in other areas,that have marginal profit,or operate at a small loss.i feel this is a solution only solved by companies making a profit,it the profit zone of toronto and the gta area

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