Painted Land film screening at Korah Collegiate /ACR passenger train in art news


7-9 pm Thursday June 2 in Korah Auditorium

As part of the 5th Annual Relay for Life, Korah students have organized a screening of  award-winning 2015 film Painted Land: In Search of the Group of Seven on Thursday June 2nd from 7-9 pm in Korah Auditorium. The film will be introduced by Joanie and Gary McGuffin. A Question and Answer period with them will follow the film and intermission.

Admission is by monetary donation to Korah's Relay for Life and is open to everyone in the community.

At a CAPT table, letters can be signed to be sent to the federal government urging restoration of the passenger train.

By path, paddle and train, local art historian Michael Burtch and the conservation photographer-author team of Gary and Joanie McGuffin take us on a journey to discover Canada’s most famous artists and the landscapes immortalized in their internationally renowned works of art.

For further information please contact me, Cosimo Martella at Korah 705-945-7180 ext 66536 or email me at

2.     ACR passenger train in art news

The local connection to a $500,000 sketch found on the other side of the world -  by Ken Armstrong

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