Burtch & McGuffins win Canadian Screen Award

CAPT is delighted to announce that Michael Burtch, Joanie and Gary McGuffin, along with Nancy Lang, Rebecca Middleton and Emma Hambly, won the prestigious Barbara Sears Award for Best Editorial Research by the Canadian Screen Awards. They received the award on March 7th, 2017 for their research for Painted Land: In Search of the Group of Seven. The Canadian Screen Awards are Canada’s Academy Awards.  CAPT very much appreciates the comments Burtch and the McGuffins have made to journalists (see links below) about the absolute importance of restoring the passenger train service that they used to locate the painting sites and make the film. the train can  be used by the growing number of tourists who want to travel to the locations highlighted in the film.  Sault Ste. Marie and the Algoma district’s tourism numbers can increase tremendously as more and more tourists find out about the Algoma passenger train corridor—where the Group of Seven came together as a group and did 100s of their most significant work.  We hope that the government finally sees the importance of getting the Missanabie Cree First Nation-led passenger train—the Maskwa Oota-Ban “Bear Train”—running between the Sault and Hearst.

We are ever so grateful to you, Michael, Joanie and Gary, for your years of hard work—most of it as volunteers.  BRAVO!!!!

Northern Hoot “Painted Land’, Filmed in Algoma, Brings Home Canadian Screen Award!” by Steffani Petroni


“No one more surprised than Michael Burtch at winning Canadian Screen Award “-  by Kenneth Armstrong  SooToday.com


“McGuffins, Burtch win Canadian Screen Award” By Brian Kelly, Sault Star  March 8, 2017


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input re: transportation Sault Ste Marie; deadline for reduced rate on hotel rooms

  1. Important opportunity for your input re: transportation in Sault Ste Marie : time-limited

There is a short time in which the Sault Ste. Marie Community Action Committee (CAC) is accepting comments for its report to the City.  Please click on the link below and then submit your comments.  You can make comments about the need for restoration of passenger train service from Sault to Hearst and Sault to Sudbury, North Bay and Toronto under the Transit section but also on the importance of passenger train service for the other sections as well.  This is very important and the CAC report will be finished in early April.  So please submit your comments ASAP if you want restoration of passenger rail to be considered in the City’s planning process.

Sault Ste. Marie’s future welcomes your ideas!


Thanks a lot for taking the time to do this,

  1. Deadline for reduced rate on hotel rooms for April 6 Fundraiser extended to Mar 10

For those who are coming from out of town or who just want to stay overnight, The Water Tower Inn & Suites is generously offering a block of rooms at special rates until March 10.

Here are the rates and room descriptions:

  • Run of the Inn - $109.00 (features two double beds with everything a guest might need including in-room coffee maker, refrigerator, hairdryer and free wireless internet access.)
  •  Trailhead Room - $109.00 (featuring one queen size bed with oversized duvet and a bathtub with whirlpool jets.  This room includes, extra hanging space, iron/board, hairdryer, coffee maker, refrigerator and free wireless internet access.)
  •  Resort Queen with Sofa Sleeper - $119.00 (features a Queen bed with a lounge area with a Queen size Sofa Sleeper.  The bathrooms feature a glass enclosed shower and granite vanity.  For your comfort, there is also a lounge chair, 32” flat screen television and working desk with executive leather chair.  Also included are a refrigerator, iron and board, and hairdryer.
  •  Resort King - $119.00 (features a King bed.  The bathrooms feature a glass enclosed shower and granite vanity.  For your comfort, there is also a lounge chair, 32” flat screen television and working desk with executive leather chair.  Also included are a refrigerator, iron and board, and hairdryer.

Recent media coverage

Myalgoma.ca: Iconic Canadian Musician Ian Tamblyn coming to the Sault April 6



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ACR e-petition deposited in House of Commons; event tickets on sale at CAPT table at Mall Feb 27

1. ACR passenger train e-petition deposited by MP Carol Hughes in House of Commons

Carol Hughes, MP for Algoma--Manitoulin—Kapuskasing, presented the online petition to Minister of Transport Marc Garneau in the House of Commons on February 22.  She underlined the huge economic impact this train brings to the regional economy and the fact that this is the only form of transportation into the many communities along this rail corridor.  We appreciate MP Hughes efforts to have the federal government restore this essential service and economic driver.  A government response to the petition must be provided and tabled in the House within 45 calendar days.

2. Fundraiser Event (starring Ian Tamblyn) Tickets on sale at Station Mall Monday February 27

  • Planning for the April 6 passenger train fundraiser event has been going very well.  We can still receive donated items for the silent auction. 
  • Tickets will be sold at a CAPT table at the Station Mall on Monday, Feb. 27 from 10 am to 3 pm across from the EB Games store.

3. Media update

“Ian Tamblyn video furnishes ice fix” | Sault Star by Ruth Fletcher

In this article MPP Mike Mantha points out the need for the implementation and development of a true transportation strategy reflecting the needs of Northerners through investments in not only roads but also rail, air and waterways:
“Keeping roads accessible at all times is crucial for northern communities' - SooToday.com”

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Take a few minutes  to view this Agawa Canyon video  and then share with others.

Please make Comments in the Comments Box because remarks will be seen all across Canada and will be a useful place to promote the cause of the Coalition.

In addition, remarks will also assist Lorna Boschman in her project of traveling across Canada this year and making digital stories with other artists. These new digital stories will be posted to the website as she proceeds.


Note: This video will also be posted on the "Documents/ Presentation/Films" Link, and media link.

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  1. CAPT TABLE at Station Mall Monday Feb. 27 10 am to 3:00 pm

CAPT volunteers will be at the Station Mall at a table opposite EB Games Store on Monday, February 27 from 10am to 3:00 pm.  This is a chance for you to:

  • purchase tickets to the Ian Tamblyn Fundraiser on April 6
  • purchase one of the few remaining CAPT 2017 calendars
  • purchase a Painted Land DVD
  • sign the petition to the federal government for passenger train funding

Although we are delighted with the on-line ticket sales for the April 6th fundraiser, it has been brought to our attention that Pay Pal charges us a 3% fee on our sales, therefore,  it is best for people in Sault Ste. Marie to purchase their tickets in person at:

  • Shabby Motley,
  • Missanabie Cree First Nation,
  •  the Algoma Water Tower Inn & Suites
  • or at the Station Mall on Feb. 27

So it makes sense that the on-line purchase method be used primarily for those who live out of town.  Also, we want to reassure those who purchase tickets on-line that we will have them set aside for them to pick up at the door.

  1. Latest Media Coverage

“Iconic Canadian Musician Ian Tamblyn coming to the Sault April 6thsaultonline.com  - February 9, 2017

“Iconic Canadian Musician Ian Tamblyn coming to the Sault April 6thmyalgoma.ca - February 9, 2017

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New: “Up Coming Events”

Books for Sale

A new information link has been added to the right of the page called "Up coming Events". Watch for a couple of events CAPT is planning for 2017.

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March Book Sale

March Book Sale

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Working Group Media Release, Media Coverage, Video

1. Media Release

Missanabie Cree First Nation 174B Hwy 17B Phone: (705)-254-2702 Garden River
Fax: (705)-254-3292 Ontario P6A 6Z1

The Algoma Passenger Train Working Group, under the leadership of Chief Jason Gauthier (Missanabie Cree First Nation), is optimistic about the return of passenger service between Sault Ste. Marie and Hearst on the Algoma Central line. Here is why:

  1. 1. A few days before Christmas, Chief Gauthier and Al Errington traveled to Ottawa for a progressive joint meeting with Transport Canada (TC) and Ministry of Indigenous & Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) senior officials, as promised earlier in 2016.
  2. 2. BDO Canada Ltd. has been hired using INAC funding received before Christmas to develop a new business plan.
  3. 3. Chief Gauthier met with CN in Toronto the first week of this month to discuss important information required for the business plan.

After the detailed discussions with TC, INAC and CN, we are much clearer as to what has to be done to get the train back in service. The relationship with Transport Canada and CN Rail has progressed to being open and even collaborative with regard to supporting a First Nation solution and operation of the Algoma passenger train. The relationship with INAC has been supportive of the Missanabie Cree First Nation exploring this opportunity from the beginning.

We understand how very upsetting and difficult this long process is for hundreds of train passengers and businesses. We hope you will continue to have patience and optimism as we are definitely making progress. Chief Gauthier states: "I continue my commitment to leading the process of restoring passenger service through the new 'Mask-wa Oo-ta-ban (Bear Train)'. This economic development project for our First Nation fits totally within the stated priorities of the federal government: reconciliation through First Nation economic development/job creation; reduction of carbon emissions to fight climate change; and regional economic development.

Chief Gauthier and the working group thank everyone for their support through signing petitions, making donations, volunteering their time and attending town hall meetings. We also thank INAC for their critical support of the business plan development, and we thank both CN Rail and Transport Canada for the changes in dialogue to exploring Missanabie Cree First Nation's Mask-wa Oo-ta-ban Algoma passenger train initiative to support economic and employment opportunities for First Nations and the regional communities, businesses, residents and stakeholders.

Although much of the information from meetings is confidential, we will provide ongoing updates of public information as we progress toward our goal of having service restored by this summer.

Media contacts: Chief Jason Gauthier 705 975 2954, jgauthier@missanabiecree.com
Al Errington 705 255 2400 al@algomapassengertain.com

2. Media Coverage:

2017 off to encouraging start for Algoma Passenger train supporters​


http://northernhoot.com/algoma-passenger-train-service-restoration-looking-hopeful/Algoma Passenger Train Service Restoration Looking Hopeful

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Friend of CAPT; CAPT calendars & Painted Land DVDs; Happy Holidays

  1. Friend of CAPT--  Bob Diotte-- passes

We are very sad to hear of the passing of Bob Diotte, a wonderful journalist who was very supportive of our efforts to save the Algoma passenger train and the Group of Seven & Glenn Gould Train Event.  He often wrote about CAPT in his column “Take Seven” in the Sault This Week.  For more information about this wonderful person, read the article by David Helwig in The Sootoday:

Bob Diotte: Last ambassador of charm - SooToday.com https://www.sootoday.com/local-news/bob-diotte-last-ambassador-of-charm-492934

  1. CAPT Calendars and Painted Land DVDs

Looking for a last minute holiday gift? CAPT 2017 calendars and Painted Land: In Search of the Group of Seven DVDs are available at:

  • Shabby Motley  356 Queen Street East, Sault Ste. Marie (705 575-9276)
  • Algoma University Bookstore
  • Sault Model Railroad Club  625 Trunk Road Sault Sainte Marie open to the public every Wednesday 1-4pm and on Saturday 11am-4pm.
  • If you are out of town, email Linda at linda.savory-gordon@algomau.ca to arrange for them to be mailed to you.

Calendars are $12 and DVDs are $20.

  1. Happy Holidays everyone.  In 2017 we look forward to continuing to ensure that our passenger train is brought back.  It is essential to our regional economy as well as to all the remote communities that rely on it as their only transportation.  The return of the train from the Sault to Hearst under the leadership of Missanabie Cree First Nation will be an excellent way to mark Canada’s 150th anniversary and the federal government’s commitment to Reconciliation, reducing climate change and supporting economic development and job creation.
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Painted Land DVD pre-orders

Since the Painted Land DVDs have finally arrived, would those of you who left your name at the Town Hall Meeting on Nov 1 for pre-orders please contact us so we can arrange to get them to you.

Just email or call Linda Savory Gordon at linda.savory-gordon@algomau.ca  or 705 949 2301 ext 4320.

Those who did not pre-order the DVDs may purchase the remaining ones (limited number) ($20 each) at the Station Mall on Dec. 12, 13 or 14 from 10 am to 4 pm

We will also be selling:

  • CAPT 2017 calendars ($12 each),
  • CAPT t-shirts ($15 for all youth and adult sizes except XL and XXL which are $20) and
  • CDs by Britta Wolfert and Jeff Hinich ($20 each).

Money from all of these purchases will go to our efforts to restore passenger service.

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