Latest news coverage; train inspired exhibition at Art Gallery of Algoma; post cards; Petition

 1. Latest news coverage

CTV Northern Ontario News: Rail Service Oct 26, 2014

 Northern Hoot: Passenger Rail Service Along ACR Looking Up: Third Party Interests Abound

Wawa-news: ACR derailment

 2. Art Gallery of Algoma presents Train Dreams opening Nov 7 at 7 pm

The Art Gallery of Algoma (AGA) will be presenting a multimedia exhibition Train Dreams officially opening on November 7, 2014. The exhibition is produced by Powerline Films in collaboration with four artists: Simon Brothers, Mike Preston, Luke Mistruzzi and Nick Kuepfer.

Train Dreams is an experimental multimedia installation that examines the nature of memory and time by exploring history through railway culture. The exhibition includes animation, regional and international new and archival video footage, and an original sound design.  The Coalition for Algoma Passenger Trains (CAPT) is collaborating with the AGA to develop programming for the exhibition and further explore current issues of railway systems in the Algoma Region and the impact on the lives of residents in Northern Ontario. A Panel Discussion organized by the CAPT and the AGA will follow the opening reception. Artists will be in attendance. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.

3. Post Cards

Image of post card

Image of one of the post cards to send to the politicians!

 Save ACR passenger train postcards are available at the following locations:

Harmony Beach Lakeview Resort (Goulais)
Presteve Foods Ltd. (Batchawana Ont.).
Roxy’s Lakeside Grill (Havilland Bay)
Voyageur Restaurant (Batchewanna Bay)
Glenview Cottages and Campground
Blueberry Hill Motel and Campground (Goulais R.) I
Adam’s motel (Sault Ste Marie)
Algoma’s Water Tower Inn
Joe Sports and Surplus
Shabby Motley  356 Queen St. East, Sault Ste Marie
Steelton Shoe Store, 320 John St., Sault Ste Marie
Prime Cuts Meats & Deli, 148 Northern Ave E, Sault Ste. Marie
Maple View Inn, 632 Great Northern Rd., Sault Ste. Marie
Mac’s Convenience Store, 200 Queen St. East, Sault Ste. Marie
Order of Eagles #4061, Heyden
The Goulais River Country Store, Goulais River
Northwinds Restaurant, Goulais River.
Timberland Store, Goulais River
Companion Hotel, Hearst
Librairie Le Nord, Hearst
Hearst Economic Development Corporation, Hearst
The Village Store, Havilland Bay
McCauley’s Motel, Havilland Bay
Chi-We-Kwe-Don Fish and Chip Hut in Goulais Bay
Wawa Motor Inn, Wawa
The Totem Pole, Sault Ste Marie
Perry’s Gun Shop, Sault Ste. Marie

CAPT volunteers will also be at a table at the Sault Station Mall (between La Senza and H & M) on the following Fridays:

  November 7, 14, and 21 and December 5 and 12.  So if you have not yet signed postcards to Minister Lisa Raitt and MPs Bryan Hayes and Carole Hughes please drop by to pick up cards on these dates at the Mall or go to one of the businesses listed above.

Note: If you forget the names of the places where the cards can be accessed there is a menu at the top of the website “Petition and Cards” which has this information.

4. A Petition:

Minister of Transport Lisa Raitt: Keep Funding ACR Passenger Trains/ Continuer la subvention du train des voyageurs ACR – Sign the Petition

 Please join this campaign:

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Recent Hearst Delegation Visit; Postcards at Station Mall; Searchmont Station; postcards at Wawa Motor Inn

Recent Hearst Delegation

Algoma Country (The Algoma Kinnawabi Travel Association for the Algoma District), under the direction of Carol Caputo, hosted a delegation from Hearst last week.  The delegation included Mayor Roger Sigouin and Hearst EDC Director Sylvie Fontaine and others from their municipal council, EDC and the Université de Hearst.   The delegation travelled to the Sault by train from Hearst and had meetings with Algoma Country, CAPT, the ACR Stakeholders Working Group, the NOHFC,  Tourism Sault Ste. Marie, Mill Square development and an update on Tourism Northern Ontario.  CAPT met with the delegation about plans to organize groups of children and adults to take the train to Hearst to participate in various French immersion experiences in that francophone community.  Here is a link to a story about their visit in the Sootoday: Guess Who Needed Saving from Last Night’s Stranded Train? .    By the way, CN repaired the washout very quickly so the delegation was able to return by train train4on Thursday as planned.  A big thank you to Algoma Country and the Hearst delegation for organizing this very successful visit.


Postcards at Station Mall

We enjoyed meeting many people last Friday at the Station Mall last Friday who dropped by to sign postcards to Minister Lisa Raitt and MPs  Bryan Hayes and Carol Hughes.

This Friday, Oct 24 we will again be at the Mall (near La Senza and H&M) so that more people will have a chance to send their message by postcards asking for a continuation of the federal funding for our 100 year old train which is the only transportation in that remote are and is essential to the regional economy.

Searchmont Station:  please vote

Searchmont rail stationMessage from the Searchmont Preservation society: Please vote each day and share. We need your votes, now more than ever!  We did not make the semi-finials, so our votes have been reset, and we have a goal of 2,000 votes over the next two weeks.  How can you help? We have provided all the information below. If you are on Facebook, you can sign in here. Or you can go to the link here, and enter from that page. Our Direct link is:   If you have not voted in the past and wish to do so and do not wish or have Facebook, that is fine.  All you need to do is sign up here:  All you need to do is enter your name, email and that you are over 18.  You do not have to check anything to receive emails from Aviva.  This will allow you then to vote. Q:How may votes do I get: A: You get a total of 15 votes over the next 14 days.  You help us , by voting each and every day.  You can vote each day after 12 midnight. Q: I live outside of Canada, can I still vote? A: As much as we would appreciate the votes, the Avivia Community Idea, is for those people that live in Canada only.  However, we are a non profit group and would welcome any donations you wish to make to our campaign.  We do provide a charitable tax receipt if you require one. You can donate one of these ways. A donation of any amount – GTvKgw6dwPWKwL6LVpX8b4uNDqknOLDeW7iSe4lX0Ovcph5Y4&dispatch= 5885d80a13c0db1f8e263663d3faee8d66f31424b43e9a70645c907a6cbd8fb4 Or by going to the site, and enter one of the pre-determined amounts:


If you are in the Wawa area there are postcards available at the Wawa Motor Inn that you can pick up, sign and mail.

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Post cards;process to select a third party operator update; Hearst Delegation; Suzannah Hammond welcome;Backroads Bill CBC Radio; new Transport Action Ontario report.

1.     Postcards to save ACR passenger train at a table in Station Mall Friday, October 17

CAPT volunteers will be at a table in the Station Mall between La Senza and the new H & M store on Friday, October 17 from 10 am to  3:00 pm.  If you have not already sent cards, it is important to do so, to remind the federal government that funding for the ACR passenger train is essential, since the train is the only transportation in most of that remote area and it is essential to the regional economy.

2.     Excellent response to the call for third party operators for the passenger train

The CAPT representatives on the ACR stakeholders working group are delighted to report that they are very pleased with the rail companies who were interviewed in Sault Ste Marie on October 8th.  This was an opportunity for the working group and the respondents to meet and exchange information.  The next step in the process will be for the companies to submit proposals.  We will keep you posted.

3.      Hearst Delegation to visit the Sault:  On Tues, Oct 14 a delegation from the City of Hearst will  be travelling by train to the Sault.  CAPT volunteers will pick them up at the rail yard to drive them to a reception organized by Carol Caputo of Algoma Kinnawabi.  The delegation will be at meetings with members of the ACR stakeholders working group on Wednesday and returning by train to Hearst on Thursday morning. We wish them a very enjoyable visit to the Sault.

4.      Welcome to Suzanna Hammond, a NORDIK research assistant, who will be working with CAPT 3 days a week until March 2015.  We are very happy to have her assistance and are enjoying her personable approach.

5.       Backroads Bill on CBC Radio about ACR;  Bill Steers provides regular coverage of interesting places to visit in Northern Ontario.  His latest was an excellent piece about the ACR and our efforts to save the train.  Please click on this link to hear it:

6.      Transport Action Ontario just released a major new report by  Greg Gormick, entitled “Out of Steam: The Urgent Need to Modernize VIA Rail Canada”. The report analyzes recent quarterly, annual and plan reports of VIA Rail Canada.  It concludes that, in every key performance indicator, VIA is either stagnant or declining.  But it also concludes that VIA can be easily revived and improved to deliver major benefits to Canadians if government invests strategically in its full, long-overdue modernization. This is the link to the report:

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Recent media items

Recent media items about rail in Northern Ontario

Failed ONTC divestment was flawed from the start says author

Mayor says opportunities need to be sought for the ONTC | Country 600:

 FLASHES & ASHES October New York Chapter National Railway Historical Society Newsletter  Vol. LXIV-October, 2014—No. 8

Algoma Central Passenger Runs Threatened: You Can Help             by Gregory Homatas

The Canadian Government has recently been attempting to cut Federal funding from the Algoma Central Railway (ACR) passenger service between Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, and Hearst, Ontario, Canada. The Algoma Central Railway was originally developed to serve logging and mining interests in the region and was recently purchased by Canadian National Railway (CN). CN apparently has no interest in passenger rail service as they are a freight railroad. The ACR serves a remote region of Canada where there are no roads and the only feasible means of transportation is either bush plane (very expensive) or rail. A campaign using e-mail, letters, and TV interviews by Canadian passenger rail advocacy group Coalition for Algoma Passenger trains, along with First Nations, outfitters, and business groups in the Algoma district, has succeeded in extending the lease on life of the service until the end of March, 2015.

Railway Age magazine has recently reported that the Canadian Government is seeking a private operator for both the passenger train and the tour train service. It is important to keep this service running to act as a lifeline in remote regions of Canada, as well as to support the vital tourist trade. Please take some time to write the following Canadian legislators as individuals to express your views to urge them to keep this vital passenger rail service. Remember, NRHS NY Chapter is not a lobby so please write them as individuals.

Here’s some language you might use in drafting your correspondence: “Federal funding for ACR passenger trains is essential to maintain the only form of transportation in this remote area for many First Nations’ economic development and employment, tourism businesses, and over $38 million for Algoma’s regional economy.”

The MPs (Members of Parliament) are as follows:

Carol Hughes, MP, Room 960, Promenade Building, House of Commons, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1A 0A6; e-mail,’ and Bryan Hayes, MP, 151 Sparks Street, Suite 1120, Promenade Building, House of Commons,, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1A 0A6; e-mail: You can also contact The Honourable Lisa Raitt, Minister of Transport, 330 Sparks Street,  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1A 0N5; e-mail:

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2014 Group of Seven and Glenn Gould Train Event; In the News; New Dubreuilville Development

2014 Group of Seven and Glenn Gould Train Event

We wish to thank all of those who made the 2014 Group of Seven and Glenn Gould Train Event so successful.  52 people participated this year.  They came from Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Detroit, Traverse City, Kirkland Lake and many other places. Everyone seemed very pleased with the presentations made by Michael Burtch, Dale Innes, Taimi Poldmaa, Joanie McGuffin, Johanna Rowe and David Pepper. As usual we enjoyed each others company and the amazingly beautiful Algoma scenery.  And many postcards to continue funding the ACR were signed and sent to Minister Raitt and MPs Bryan Hayes and Carol Hughes so that the 2015 Group of Seven and Glenn Gould Train Event can be held next.

In the news:

Production starts on Spirit Land documentary

New Dubreuilville Development

We are delighted to tell you about a new service in Dubreuilville that will make it possible for passengers to go by train to visit that town. Thanks to the Magpie Relay Motel, a shuttle is available to take you from the train to Dubreuilville. The distance between the Mile 183 drop off and Dubreuilville is approximately 5 km from town. People can make arrangements with the Magpie Relay Motel’s manager Pat Bouchard by calling 705-884-2909 and schedule their needs.   The cost is $15 dollars to and from the train stop and it is free if you spend the night with at the Magpie Relay Motel    

They can be reached via email or by telephone 705-884-2909. Plan to visit Dubreuilville right now to see the gorgeous fall colours, in the winter to go snow-shoeing, cross-country skiing, ice-fishing or snow-mobiling or in the summer enjoy the wilderness and go blueberry-picking.

  Here is a letter from motel president, Pat Dubreuil:

  Dear Dubreuilville guest            

The Magpie Relay Motel in Dubreuilville Ontario is now open for business. The Magpie Relay Motel has recently opened its doors to business travellers, tourists and Dubreuilville patrons. Our 16 room complex has just gone through a full renovation.  New bathrooms, new furniture, new amenities.  We offer Free Wi-Fi, Free Movies, 43 inch flat screen televisions, work desk area and have fitted the rooms with mini-refrigerators for longer stays.  The Motel offers different room configurations such as Queen only rooms, Double Double bed rooms, Kitchenette rooms with Murphy Beds and joining rooms for greater mobility and space requirements. The rooms have been configured with the Power Sports enthusiast in mind with areas to dry your clothes, a game room for gatherings and a work bench to fix your favorite toy.  We have also added a new heated 25 x 40 foot toy storage garage where you can store your snowmobile, motorcycle or ATV overnight so that it is nice and warm in the morning. The motel offers Sauna, Whirlpool, SPA services and access to some of the best trails in Northern Ontario. 

We offer a pick-up and drop off service at ACR Mile 183 for those of you who wish to use the Algoma Central Railway train to visit Dubreuilville and the surrounding area.

The Magpie Relay Motel welcomes short and long terms stays.  For reservations or room rates please call 1-705-884-2909 or via our web site

Enjoy our friendly French Canadian hospitality, spend a night or two and enjoy comfort away from home.

Pat Dubreuil 


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Working Group Meeting in Wawa; Taste of Hearst a great success; Searchmont Music Festival this weekend

1.     Sept. 10: ACR Passenger Train Stakeholders Working Group Meeting in Wawa: 

CAPT attended the meeting at which reports were made about the process of calling for third party operators to submit an Expression of Interest in running the passenger train.  A rail consultant has been hired to help with the process.  The working group was warmly received by Wawa’s Mayor Nowicki.

2.     Sept. 11 to 14: CAPT travelled to Hearst to attend the Taste of Hearst Event. 

The Hearst Economic Development Corporation did a terrific job of organizing a very enjoyable time for us.  On Friday we rented a car to tour the following attractions: the Rheault Distillery, the Val Cote Rock Museum, La Maison Verte, the Market Place Heritage Sawmill  and the INOVO Centre/Tourism Centre.  On Saturday we took part in Taste of Hearst and Rib Fest.  Hearst’s hospitality is always very warm and enjoyable.

3.     Take the train on Saturday to the Searchmont Music Festival: the 4th Annual Searchmont Music Festival this Friday, Saturday, Sunday ~ September 19, 20, 21!!

Rain or Shine, Hail or Hurricane, the Festival will commence!!
Fall Colours are about to peak. Take the Passenger Train! Call the Station: 705-946-7300
Festival tickets are available @ The RadZone,  Case’s Music,  Stone’s Office Supplies ..and at the Gate
Get yours today!!   Tickets:  Weekend: $ 50.   Friday: $ 20.    Saturday: $ 30.  Sunday: $ 10.

You will not want to miss this amazing Event, featuring:  The Wild Turkeys ~ JoPo and the Rize ~ The O’Schraves ~ Cody McMillan and the Soft Shoe Shufflers ~ Lindsay Pugh ~ Ginny McIlmoyle ~  Jackson Reid ~ Boothill Crooners ~ Rusty McCarthy ~ Stumpy Coldwater ~ The Reptiles ~ Dirty River Band ~ Doug Cousineau ~ Marty & Lil Siltanen with Kelly McGillivray ~ Lynn Devine ~Wild Iris ~ Jeff Hinich ~ Rick Charbonneau ~ Britta Wolfert ~
Don Charbonneau with Dawn & Sabrina ~ Guy Smith ~ Ellen Van Laar ~ Tiller ~ Dianne Cameron ~ The Jewels of the Oasis ~ David Laronde ~ The Kelly Brothers  ~ The Senior Entertainers and more!!! SPECIAL musician GUEST TO ARRIVE ON SATURDAY… ;-) Children’s Activities on Saturday 12 – 4,  Music, Food, Fun and Friendship!
Check out 4th Annual Searchmont Music Festival  on Facebook

4.     Postcard campaign spreading: Cards are available at the following locations: 

Harmony Beach Lakeview Resort (Goulais)
Presteve Foods Ltd. (Batchawana Ont.).
Roxy’s Lakeside Grill (Havilland Bay)
Voyageur Restaurant (Batchewanna Bay)
Glenview Cottages and Campground
Blueberry Hill Motel and Campground (Goulais R.) I
Adam’s motel (Sault Ste Marie)
Algoma’s Water Tower Inn
Joe Sports and Surplus
Shabby Motley  356 Queen St. East, Sault Ste Marie
Steelton Shoe Store, 320 John St., Sault Ste Marie
Prime Cuts Meats & Deli, 148 Northern Ave E, Sault Ste. Marie
Maple View Inn, 632 Great Northern Rd., Sault Ste. Marie
Mac’s Convenience Store, 200 Queen St. East, Sault Ste. Marie
Order of Eagles #4061, Heyden
The Goulais River Country Store, Goulais River
Northwinds Restaurant, Goulais River.
Timberland Store, Goulais River
Companion Hotel, Hearst
Librairie Le Nord, Hearst
Hearst Economic Development Corporation, Hearst
The Village Store, Havilland Bay
McCauley’s Motel, Havilland Bay
Chi-We-Kwe-Don Fish and Chip Hut in Goulais Bay

Many thanks to all of these locations for helping to distribute the postcards to save the train!

Twitter: @CAPTtrains

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Taste of Hearst; Take train to Searchmont Music Festival; and latest media coverage

1.      ‘Taste of Hearst’/ ‘Saveur de Hearst’ train packages were all sold. The lucky purchasers of the special hotel/’Taste of Hearst’ tickets will be travelling on the ACR passenger train from the Sault to Hearst on September 11 and returning on the 14th.

 2.      Take the train to the 4th annual Searchmont Music Festival  on September 20,  2014.  

Music lovers planning to come north to the Searchmont Music Festival have a new option for transportation: Take the ACR passenger train!
Festival organizers are planning a musical ride for the morning of Saturday, September 20th.

Several area musicians will bring instruments and play on the hour-long ride north to entertain passengers. They’ll then lead the passengers from the flag stop at the crossing in Searchmont, troubadour-style, to the festival grounds at Searchmont Resort, in time for the Festival opening act. “It’s a rare opportunity to take one of the last remaining flagstop passenger trains in Canada,” said Britta Wolfert, one of the festival’s organizers.

A return train journey in the late afternoon of Sunday the 21st makes this an ideal way
to enjoy the weekend festival, while camping or staying in one of the Resort’s villas overnight. Train riders must make personal arrangements for a ride back into Sault Ste Marie, if they do not plan to stay overnight in Searchmont.

“Train travel is one of the most environmentally sustainable transportation choices you can make, plus it’s relaxing and fun.    It’s lovely that we can offer this as a way to get to our festival,” added Kathie Brosemer, Festival Society Chair. 
The festival is taking place at the Searchmont Resort in the  beautiful Goulais River valley, just as the fall color season begins, 3 stages  will host more than 20 different musical acts. Artisans will share and sell  their works.   Whether   you are a performer, artist or a fan, you will feel welcome and at home.  In addition there will be workshops  on song writing and crafts and plenty of activities for kids of all ages.

This year’s train will be shared with a Group of 7 & Glenn Gould Train Event which is sponsored by Coalition for Algoma Passenger Trains.  This is truly a year to celebrate the unique asset the ACR passenger train is to our region on its 100th anniversary.

Tickets are 22.80 one way or $45.60 round trip.   Senior and Youth Rates apply.
Tickets must be purchased at the Station Mall Train Station but the train will be boarded at the rail yard on Carmen’s Way.
Only 30 tickets still available. Call Jeff Hinich for more details at 705-781-1130705-781-1130

2.     Recent media coverage

CTV Northern Ontario: Rail operator sought:

Sault Star  All Aboard:

 Sault Star  Music and art on board for ride:


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Latest media coverage of efforts to same ACR passenger train


View the latest media coverage of efforts to save the ACR passenger train.

Lobbying continues to save passenger rail service |Sault Star

This was on CTV Sunday evening

Work goes on to save the Sault to Hearst line

End of the Line : Eliminating Passenger Rail Service in Northern Ontario


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Latest media coverage and 2014 Group of Seven & Glenn Gould Train Event

Hello CAPT supporters:

Please click on the links below for the most recent media coverage and read the press release that was sent out today for the 2014 Group of Seven & Glenn Gould Train Event.   Take advantage of the one year extension for the passenger train by booking ASAP for the special Group of Seven & Glenn Gould Train Event this September 19- 21.  It is a great way to have a wonderful experience AND show support for the passenger train.  Details are in the press release below and on this website:

Recent Media Coverage:

CAPT continues lobby efforts | Sault Star (3)

 Algoma Central Railway featured in recent Lake Superior Magazine

Northern Ontario vodka? (2 photos)

 Group of Seven & Glenn Gould Train Event:



Coalition for Algoma Passenger Trains Media Release   


2014 Group of Seven & Glenn Gould Train Event

On the weekend of September 19th to 21st, the popular Group of Seven & Glenn Gould Train Event, sponsored by the Coalition for Algoma Passenger Trains (CAPT) takes to the rails again. Sold out in its last two seasons, the Train Event has answered a need and takes those who love the spectacular colours of an Algoma Highlands autumn to the same sites that inspired artists from the Group of Seven and Canada’s iconic pianist, Glenn Gould. You will be celebrating the 96th anniversary of the Group of Seven painting along the Algoma Central Railway and the 82nd birthday of Glenn Gould, himself a devotee of and committed visitor to Lake Superior and the Algoma Highlands.

 The 2014 Group of Seven and Glenn Gould Train Event will promise participants the opportunity to partake in presentations, lecture-demonstrations, live music, food, a coach trip along Lake Superior’s storied eastern coast and, of course, a train ride through the magnificence of the Algoma Highlands.

 The 7th annual Group of Seven and Glenn Gould Train Event kicks off this year on Friday evening, September 19th where participants are invited to a reception and presentation on Alexander Young Jackson, this year’s featured artist, at the Art Gallery of Algoma.  On the 20th and 21st, participants will enjoy the best of the Algoma Highlands. This will include the train trip between Hawk Junction and Sault Ste. Marie aboard the Algoma Central Railway (ACR), travelling on the same rails that took members of the Group of Seven to their various painting sites along the ACR. The tour will be conducted by Michael Burtch, art historian and researcher. Also included is the drive along the magnificent eastern coastline of Lake Superior – a drive that has been called one of Canada’s finest road trips. Stops are made along the coast to visit lookouts and points of interest including Lake Superior Provincial Park and its comprehensive Visitors’ Centre.

Wawa marks the Glenn Gould portion of the trip. Here participants will trace Gould’s footsteps around the beautiful waterfalls and shorelines in the Wawa environs that were frequented by the pianist. On Saturday evening there will be a dinner, then presentation by Musicologist, Dale Innes on the role that the north played in the music of Glenn Gould. Gould was a regular visitor to Wawa and the areas around Michipicoten so, fittingly, the evening will be centered at the Wawa Motor Inn, Glenn Gould’s former lodging.

On Sunday morning participants will have the opportunity to participate in a lecture-demonstration art session, Art and Landscape: Bring your Sketchbook and Camera or a coach tour of Wawa. Come, learn and be inspired!

 The Coalition for Algoma Passenger Trains sponsors the Train Event as a means to get passengers, albeit briefly, back on to the passenger train.  Passengers will have an enjoyable experience and hopefully gain appreciation for the historical significance of the Algoma Central Railway and the Algoma Highlands through which the train travels.

Ticket prices are as follows:

 $395.00 for double occupancy (Tax incl)

$430.00 for single occupancy  (Tax incl)

 Tickets are available at Community Theatre Centre Box Office, Station Mall  705-945-7299

Information:   or Linda Savory Gordon 705-949-2301 ext. 4320

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100th anniversary of ACR passenger train event: expression of thanks

The Event to Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the ACR Passenger Train

was a huge success.  There were 167 passengers taking the train on May 31 to various destinations, often filling the 2 coaches.  A great time was had by all.  Please click on the links below this message to the media coverage so far of the event.  We thank Elaine Della Mattia from the Sault Star/Sun Media and Ken Armstrong from the Sootoday/Local2 for riding all the way to Hearst and back. And Jordan Allard of CTV for covering the story as we boarded and departed from the rail yard and Ghuilaine Piccard of Le Nord newspaper in Hearst. We very much appreciate the commitment of time from these reporters and their media companies as we know that they are very short-staffed, particularly on weekends.

 We extend big thank-yous to the following:

·         Britta Wolfert and Jeff Hinich for volunteering their weekend to perform wonderful music on the train and at the stops

·         Chief Jason Gauthier who represented the Northeast Superior Regional Chiefs’ Forum

·         Joe Fratesi, CAO, Sault Ste. Marie and Chair of the ACR Passenger Train Working Group

·         Peter McLarty who represented Clean North

·         Caleb Smikle, president of Algoma University Student Union

·         Conrad Morin, Deputy Mayor, Hearst

·         Francine Lacroix-Huff, Hearst EDC

·         George Karasek, of the Ontario Fur Managers Association

·         Georgina Naccarato, volunteer for Northland ESL student host families who organized the students trip to Searchmont

·         Harold McQuarrie, long time ACR historian

·         Al Johnston, cottager, for helping out

·          ACR/CN employees

·         Marcel & Mirielle Rheault, owners of Rheault Distillery, Hearst

·         Financial donations from Algoma U Student Services, International Student Services, First Generation Algoma U and AUSU; Northland ESL students, Teamsters Canada Rail Conference

·         ACR/CN for providing media and musician passes

·         And all the supporters who showed up at the Sault and Hawk Junction yards and the hotel in Hearst or rode the train to various destinations between the Sault and Hearst

We are all more determined than ever to keep this gem of a train going for the next 100 years!

Media Coverage:

This is the first of 3 articles Elaine Della Mattia will be writing.

CTV 100th anniversary event

Spirit Land: In Search of the Group of Seven

Canada’s most scenic rail trips aren’t just in B.C., you know – The Globe and Mail

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