Learn more about the value of the ACR Passenger train to Northern economy



This article describes in a few words the history of the trains demise, the impact on the economy for the North, and the lack of help from the government to see it on the tracks again. It also contains a link to a picture of the roads that people are having to use to get to their businesses.

To help make the train a reality please plan on attending the fundraiser, CAPT is putting on in April.

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One comment on “Learn more about the value of the ACR Passenger train to Northern economy

  1. donald e baker

    As a US citizen, and one who has utilized the ACR on a number of occasions, its absence is sorely felt on a personal basis. I am one of those unique Americans who particularly enjoys travel “into the bush” within the Winter Months. My great admiration goes out to those Professional Fishing and Hunting Camps such as Tatnall Camp on Lake Oba who have felt the direct economic impact of the Train travel cessation, and yet who work daily to persevere. The ACR very much remains a needed service to the lands North of Sault Ste. Marie, and particularly to the First Nations. It would be my greatest wish that the Province of Ontario, in conjunction with the Federal Government, re-establish the ACR Train Line post haste. Best to my great Canadian friends. Hope to visit with you soon. DEB

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