Great news about new Missanabie Cree First Nation partnerships

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There has been some very good news this week about one of the First Nations represented on the ACR Working Group by Chief Jason Gauther, Chief of Missanabie Cree First Nation (MCFN).  MCFN recently signed joint ventures with 7 industry partners (specializing in  fields such as surveying, mineral extraction and blasting).  These partnerships will allow Missanabie Cree First Nation to develop new opportunities in their traditional territories.  The ACR Passenger Train Stakeholders Working Group has already had a very positive experience in partnering with Chief Gauthier who represents both MCFN and the Northeast Superior Regional Chiefs Forum (NSRCF) on the ACR working group.  We congratulate Chief Gauthier on the new partnerships formed with the seven northern companies announced in the links to  media coverage below.  We look forward to continuing our long-term relationship with Chief Gauthier on behalf of MCFN and NSRCF as we continue to develop a long-term sustainable passenger train service that will serve our whole region.


 Missanabie Cree First Nation signs important agreements with northern companies | KiSS 100.5 Soo

CTV Northern News: New Partnerships   by Jordan Allard

Missanabie Cree FN Signs Joint Venture Agreements with Seven Partners -

'You have to know where you’re coming from to know where you’re going'  Sootoday   January 19, 2016 by: Kenneth Armstrong

 Missanabie Cree First Nation partners with 7 area companies

 Missanabie Cree makes joint venture arrangements: Northern Ontario Business   January 19, 2016





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