The Coalition for Algoma Passenger Trains is a regional group of individuals, businesses and other interests who recognize the significant social, economic, cultural, historical and environmental value of Algoma’s passenger trains.  We are dedicated to preserving, enhancing and reinstating passenger train service, increasing connectivity between Algoma communities, provincial and national rail networks.

The Coalition for Algoma Passenger Trains is a not-for-profit grassroots organization committed to supporting honest, transparent, and knowledgeable interaction with our supporters and the public through social media and other media opportunities.

We will use social media to increase membership, communicate with members and potential members, fund raise, and increase positive exposure while protecting the privacy of our members.

Contact with print, radio, television or online media will follow the same guidelines as for social media.

Direct media inquiries to the appropriate person on the Board, i.e. the Chair, Co-Chair or designated resource person.

The following guidelines are outlined for designated representatives of CAPT so that the organization's information, interaction with the media and with the public will be accurate.  Information will be provided to the media by those individuals who are elected to or appointed to the CAPT Board or who are experts in a particular field chosen to speak on behalf of CAPT:

  • CAPT shall appoint a member of the Board to develop CAPT's website, Facebook page and Twitter account, and to be responsible for adding or deleting information on the site, as well as monitoring any discussion on Facebook or Twitter.

  • CAPT will ensure that our organization has obtained appropriate permissions for use of film, music or images and appropriate permission from individuals for photographs or videos.

  • If feedback is positive and the person monitoring the sites feel it will add to the conversation, then they should respond with thanks or offer to share further information.

  • Any inappropriate messages or misuse will be removed quickly. Such inappropriate content includes spam, unsolicited advertising, offensive statements or inappropriate criticism, inaccurate information or foul language. Some negative comments do not require a response, while others should be taken seriously and addressed.

  • It is important that responses from the designated representatives of the organization remain appropriate and polite.

  • If feedback is negative, a response should be carefully considered. Is the author trying to taunt you into a response? Does it contain inaccurate information about your organization which you can easily and politely fix with the facts? Is it from an unhappy supporter which you can resolve on-line or do you need to take it off-line.

  • Don't be confrontational.

  • Be Professional, Be Responsible, Be Credible and Be Responsive.

  • At all times try to add value and insight to a conversation.