Board Members

Howie Wilcox (chair)

Marie Price

Alice Corbiere

Chief Isadore Day (East Algoma, chiefs, Mayors and Reeves)

Sylvie Fontaine (Hearst)

Dorothy Macnaughton (People with disabilities)

Faye Smedley

Linda Savory Gordon

Chief Jason Gauthier (Missanabie Cree First Nation)

Donna Cushley

Paul Christian (Sault Ste. Marie, city councilor)

Alex Patterson

Brenda Grundt

Britta Wolfert

Chad Beharriell


4 Responses to Board Members

  1. Mel Major says:

    Could you please inform me when the Gov. is going to vote on the ACR issue? Very important to us at the Canyon Lodge. Thank you for all the work you do to save the ACR passenger service.

    Mel Major

  2. Shaun Paren says:

    Can you please add a link on you website to
    The Facebook page Agawa Canyon Ice Climbing
    and also our website
    We have been developing the ice climbs in agawa canyon since 1986 and there are 3 guidebooks to the ice climbs in the canyon
    We should be considered a stakeholder as much as the lodges are considered stakeholders.
    Ice climbers make up a big proportion of the ridership on the train.

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