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Coalition for Algoma Passenger Trains
c/o NORDIK Institute
Algoma University College
1520 Queen Street East,
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada
P6A 2G4

Phone: (705) 949-2301, ext. 4356 or 4320
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    As a tour-operator based in France, specialising in railtours worldwide, we’re absolutely aghast that the SSM-Hearst rail line has closed to regular traffic. There is terrific tourist potential in a “Golden Triangle” easily linked by rail:Toronto-Sudbury-SSM-Hearst-Cochrane-Moosoonee-North Bay-Toronto.
    You could combine local passenger traffic with tourist traffic, the tourists would stopover a couple of days in most locations, bringing income, ideas and interchange.
    You could easily start with just some joined-up thinking, like making a SSM-Hearst train connect in Oba with VIA Rail, offering an easy overnight journey from Hearst to Toronto (with a connection in Franz) or from SSM to Toronto idem.
    In Sweden, in the 90s, the government closed a 1,000km line through Lapland: it was then bought by the municipalities along the line and they now run, very successfully, summer and winter packages and local services – we sell a LOT of tours on this line, it should be inspiration for you, there’s so much you could develop as tourists seek different ways of spending their time.
    Lots of luck with your endeavours,
    Discovery Trains, Paris

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