A computer generated presentation that uses, videos, slideshows, images and text to inform viewers
about the ACR Passenger Train's discontinued, that led to the development of CAPT.

  1. De-Railed: The National Dream Documentary Film

    See how the rails that keep our country together are disappearing.

    De-Railed: The National Dream, is a documentary examining the crumbling state of the
Canadian Railway system. Having lost more than 10,000 kilometers of track since 1990,
why has Canada allowed it's "ribbon-of-rail" to become so tattered?
De-Railed: The National Dream Trailer

2. Enjoy Jeff Hinich, Jason Willet and Guy Smith entertaining with "Song of the ACR", and asking people to support,  getting the passenger train running again.  Jeff Hinich wrote "Song of the ACR". Find it on his CD "Magician."


3. Hear Britta Wolfert sing and play her song "Achigan Lake" from her CD "Moonstone". Enjoy the scenic beauty of the area around Achigan Lake, which can only be reached by train.

Two people enjoying a ride on the tour train

Look at this view!

The video has images of the passenger train as it follows its course through Northern Ontario. Pictures of people, riding the train, taking part in many outdoor activities are also presented.
Jeff Hinnich accompanies this fast moving movie is also the writer of the song. He is accompanied by: Jason Willet and Guy Smith.



4.1118x475_wpp_PaintedLand Spirit Land in search of the Group of Seven. Click link under picture to view the trailer.

View a video "AGAWA CANYON" filmed by: Harris Taylor and Lorna Boshman.

Jeff McColl filmed an ACR passenger train coming around the corner, during a lovely winter day.



Image of people at a CAPT meeting at City Hall

Attentive people at CAPT meeting at City Hall 201


  1. Robert Tischbein

    The Michigan Assocation of Railroad Passengers (a non-profit grass roots organization) would like to cooperate with CAPT.

  2. Scribouilleur

    RE: “De-Railed: The National Dream”

    Where can one see or acquire this film? I can only find the trailer, even though the film should have been out a while back, if I am to believe the rather sparse information I can gather here and there


  3. admin

    A short video has just been added to this page. Take a few minutes to view it. I know you will enjoy it, especially if you use the train, love trains, or love the Northern Ontario landscape.

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