Media Release and reminder: Support Algoma’s Train Event/Expo

Media Release and reminder:  Support Algoma’s Train Event/Expo

Free Admission

Friday, Mar 6-- 7:00 - 8:30 pm in the Machine Shop, Market Square, lower Huron Street.

Saturday, Mar 7—10:30 am Searchmont Resort

 For the past year the ACR Stakeholders Working Group has worked tirelessly.  They have come up with an effective, sustainable plan for a new and improved passenger train service from the Sault to Hearst.  Come out on Friday to show your support for this new plan and the need for federal government funding.  We have modified the name from “event” to “event/expo” to reflect the fact that tourism destinations along the ACR line will be show-cased in displays set up in the Machine Shop. 

Riversedge Developments has beautifully renovated the Machine Shop, Market Square.  This is all part of the Destination North which is the site of the proposed new ACR train station.

We hope that our politicians will join us to share in the excitement of the proposed new passenger service as the way to access the gorgeous landscape along the ACR rail corridor.

The event/expo will open with a drum song introduced by Chief Jason Gauthier representing the Northeast Superior Chiefs Forum—one of the event sponsors.  Algoma Kinawabi Travel Association, Riversedge Developments and CAPT are the other sponsors.  A live performance of train music will be contributed by Jeff Hinich and Guy Smith.

 The Saturday morning event at Searchmont will be co-sponsored by Searchmont Resort and will also include live music by Jeff Hinich and Guy Smith as well as a display by the Searchmont Station Preservation and Historical Society.

Recent Media Coverage

Stakeholders await word from Transport Canada | Sault Star

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Revised plan for Support Algoma’s Train Event: Mar 6 & 7; Survey; latest media coverage

Revised plan for Support Algoma’s Train Event: Mar 6 & 7

Due to some major events taking place in Wawa and Hearst on March 7, we have had to postpone the meetings in Wawa, Dubreuilville, Hawk Junction and Hearst until a date when there is less happening at the north end of the line.

We are busily preparing for the gatherings at the Mill Square in:

  •  Sault Ste. Marie on Fri March 6
  • Searchmont Resort on Saturday March 7

These events are sponsored by CAPT, Riversedge Development, Missanabie Cree First Nation, Northeast Superior Chiefs Forum, Searchmont Resort and Algoma Kinniwabi Travel Association

Please keep passing around the information for these 2 events.  The one on Friday evening is in the beautiful newly renovated Machine Shop, Mill Square, lower Huron St. from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.

On Saturday morning we will be at Searchmont Resort at 10:30 am. 

On Friday evening there will be a First Nation drumming group, displays by the many tourism businesses along the rail line, very short speeches and great train music provided by Jeff Hinich and Guy Smith.  Jeff and Guy will also be performing at the event at Searchmont Resort on Saturday morning. 

  • Free Admission to both events.  Come out to show your support for the train and continued funding after March 31!!!!!

Survey:  If you have not already done so, please fill out the survey below by clicking on “feedback”

URGENT. Survey for ACR property owners/ lease-holders on ACR line
Property Owners and long-term leaseholders on the Algoma Passenger Train Route:
We are conducting a survey, and your response would be appreciated.We urgently need your help in distributing a survey.  Please forward this message to any property owners or long-term lease holders along the Algoma passenger train line.  We urge everyone to complete the survey ASAP!!!!!

Many thanks,

Give Feedback

1.     latest media coverage

Time ticking on ACR; data collection underway | Sault Star

CTV Northern Ontario

 Rally to save Algoma rail service – Nadine Robinson

 Running out of Steam: Canada needs a national rail strategy

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Cancelled: Screening of the Documentary Film De-Railed: The National Dream

Unfortunately, due to lack of electronic equipment, and a projected low turn out, The documentary film "De-Railed: the National Dream" will be cancelled.

 It will be re-scheduled to another time.


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See how you can support Algoma’s train.

CAPT SupportACR_LetterSize jpg_edited

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Screening of Documentary Film: DE-Railed: The National Dream

poster de-railed-seniorscntre steelton-page-001_edited

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CTV Interview with Chief Jason Gauthier, Al Errington and Linda Savory Gordon

CTV Interview with Chief Jason Gauthier, Al Errington and Linda Savory Gordon Jan. 31 about the ACR passenger service

Here is the link to the interview:

CTV Northen Ontario :  Rail Service

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Screening of Documentary Film: De-Railed: The National Dream


Click here De-RailedPoster to find more information


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Thank you City of Sault Ste Marie and stay tuned for upcoming campaign events and media coverage

1.  Thank you City of Sault Ste Marie and CAPT supporters

CAPT expresses our gratitude to the Councillors and Mayor of the City of Sault Ste. Marie for passing the resolution of support for the request to the Federal Government for funding of the ACR Passenger Service last evening.  We also want to thank the many supporters who came to show their support.  One couple drove 5.5 hours from Lansing, Michigan to attend!  Please find below a suggested wording for any other municipalities and organizations to use if they wish to show support.

2.       Stay tuned:  We are planning a 3 day-media event, including town hall meetings in communities from the Sault to Hearst in February.  We will announce the dates, times and locations as soon as they are finalized.

  3.       Media coverage

  Un S.O.S. pour préserver le service ferroviaire Algoma Central -

Northern Hoot- Ghost Train by Jeff Hinich

 Council urges feds to support ACR plan

Fight for the ACR Continues - Presentation to Sault Council & Letter for all to Send

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Sault Ste Marie City Council Meeting Jan 26; sample letter to Minister Raitt; media coverage

1.     Sault Ste Marie City Council Meeting:  Jan. 26

Please pass the word around that we want to have as many passenger train supporters as possible in attendance at the Sault City Council Meeting on Monday, January 26 when council will be asked to vote on a resolution about the ACR passenger train.  The meeting starts at 4:30 pm and when the agenda is posted we will let you know the approximate time that it is expected to be discussed.

2.     Sample letter to Minister Lisa Raitt

 Below is a sample letter to send to Transportation Minister Lisa Raitt.  Feel free to use it as is or add or change anything that you wish and  insert your own stories about the value of the train to you.

Anyone sending letters or resolutions to Minister  Raitt  (, are encouraged to copy to the following individuals:

 Bryan Hayes, MP, Sault Ste. Marie (;

Carol Hughes, MP, Algoma Manitoulin (

Greg Rickford, Minister for FedNor (

Robert Muir, Transport Canada (

Jodi Parps, Transport Canada (

Tania Salamanca (FedNor) (

 Florence Bailey  (FedBir) (

Coalition for Algoma Passenger Trains (CAPT) (


The Honourable Lisa Raitt
Minister of Transport
Tower C - 330 Sparks Street
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0N5

Dear Honourable Lisa Raitt:


I am writing this letter in support of the Algoma Central Railway Remote Passenger Service.

The Algoma Central Railway Passenger Service provides a significant return on Transport Canada's investment of $2.2 million, which generates between $38 million and $48 million in annual economic benefits for the region.

The total economic impact of the Algoma Central Railway Passenger Service also includes tax revenue, which annually accrues to all levels of Government, estimated to be between $5.1 million and $6.4 million, as well as generating employment opportunities estimated at approximately 170 to 220 jobs.

Without some form of public investment, this remote passenger line will not operate or have the opportunity to transition to self-sustainability. The discontinuation of the Algoma Central Railway Passenger Service will result in a significant loss of the economic benefits, tax revenue and jobs noted and an additional one-time economic impact on the values of properties located on, or in close proximity to, the rail line in an amount ranging between $60 million and $67 million.  400 km of the 470 km Algoma rail line is not accessible by public road.  Although there are some industrial roads into the rail corridor, they are built and maintained at the discretion of industry and cannot be relied upon for reliable, safe or long-term access. As a result of a discontinuation of the passenger train a number of businesses, communities and residents will be unable to access their properties, homes and cottages via public thoroughfares.

On April 14, 2014, Transport Canada Minister Raitt announced that: “The government is pleased to extend funding for another year to continue operation of ACR’s passenger rail service between Sault Ste. Marie and Hearst. This funding will give local stakeholders time to explore long-term solutions for passenger rail service in the area.”

In response, there has been a productive and collaborative effort by all affected stakeholders, including municipalities, First Nations, passengers, property owners, tourist operators and CN to develop a thoughtful, sustainable long-term solution for the ACR Passenger Service. Your colleague, MP Bryan Hayes, has been kept fully informed throughout this process, and his co-operation and positive engagement with stakeholders to-date have been greatly appreciated.

This effort included “Expression of Interest” and “Request for Proposals” processes, which resulted in identifying a qualified 3rd party operator, who has signed a letter of intent with CN to operate the Algoma Central Railway Passenger Service. This operator’s business plan states that the operation will be on a self sustaining basis after five years.

There is currently a request by the stakeholders and third party operator sent to you in last month that requests the Government of Canada enter into a five-year, $7 million contribution agreement (maximum) similar in design and structure to the annual contribution agreement Transport Canada has had with CN. This five-year contribution agreement  includes a 45% net subsidy reduction for the agreement period (over the previous five years) and more importantly fully terminates at the conclusion of the agreement.

In closing, I fully support the Government of Canada providing the funding requested toward the Algoma Central Railway Passenger Service initiative on an urgent basis.


Name of person


Bryan Hayes, MP, Sault Ste. Marie (;

Carol Hughes, MP, Algoma Manitoulin (

Greg Rickford, Minister for FedNor (

Robert Muir, Transport Canada (

Jodi Parps, Transport Canada (

Tania Salamanca (FedNor) (

 Florence Bailey  (FedNor) (

Coalition for Algoma Passenger Trains (CAPT) (

 3.     Media coverage

Snow in Canyon

In the Shadows of Giants: The Canyon in Winter.

 Algoma works part of Group of Seven donation

 Train group pushes for decision from feds about $7M contribution

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Requesting support for next stage of the process to keep ACR passenger train

Train tracks in snow with trees

In its efforts to communicate clearly to Minister Lisa Raitt and MPs Bryan Hayes and Carol Hughes, the ACR Stakeholder Working Group will be asking the various First Nations, municipalities and stakeholder groups such as CAPT to vote to adopt resolutions of support to be sent to the Federal government about the urgent need to continue funding the passenger service.  Individuals will also be asked to communicate that message in the form of personal letters.  We will be sending out a sample letter very soon.

Please save this date:  Monday, January 26  Sault Ste Marie City Council Meeting:  If you can, show up to show support when the ACR Working Group will be asking SSM City Council to vote in support of its resolution requesting federal funding for the passenger train.  Pass the word around so that there will be a large number of supporters present.  We will let you know more specifics re: the time closer to the 26th.

2.Latest media coverage

Task force on track: task force members

Interview on Radio-Canada Jan 15, 2015  (en francais)

Shaun Parent climbs to new heights on northeastern Ontario ice - Sudbury - CBC News

 Link to latest post on website:


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